Movie Review: An Inconvenient Truth


As a student whose major is environmental engineering, I have to get the latest update about ‘happening’ environmental issues. One that the lecturers taught a lot, I’ve read and I hears about a lot is global warming and climate change.

Why is it so important?

Global warming appear as the aftermath of the excessive amount of greenhouse gases we emitted to the atmosphere. Basically, the greenhouse gases are the kind of gases that keeps our earth warm. But when it’s too warm – or hot – or maybe too hot, that’s when we have to worry.

This film is one of the most terrifying movies of all time. Terrifying? is it horror? Thriller?no it is not. This film reveal all the aftermaths of global warming. Presented by Al Gore, former US president candidate, this documentary film is just beautifully scary.

I recommend this film to everyone. To save the earth we need to unite and make sure – that our children and grandchildren won’t ask “you know that this will happen, why don’t you take any action?” to us.

Act now, start from ourselves.

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my (1st) department year

Hello! it’s been a year since the last blog post, I was in my freshmen year back then. I already took the next step since I was graduated from TPB like, several months ago (I don’t remember exactly). And that next step is……… the department year! yeah. it is fun trying new things, studying new stuffs. But it isn’t always easy here in the department……….. I feel like I’m ‘slipped’. maybe it’s a very shocking thing for me, TPB was easy, I admit. and department is waaaaaaaaay further than hard. way. further.

enough talking about the subject, studying stuffs…….. now I’m gonna tell you something I love the most. new friends! I have a very nice friend back in TPB, but here in the department it’s all about making new ones. I’ve seen most of the faces before, but I never really know their names. so it’s all about starting over.

first I was thinking that maybe, I should be a not-too-loud person in order to make friends here in my dept (which is really not me, at all)………… but that was all wrong….. they’re louder than me. apparently. haha. so it wasn’t that hard starting a whole new friendship between us. we’ve been through several months together and passing through some troubles successfully because of that ‘solidarity’ atmosphere between us. yeah, I think it’s about time to call them my 2nd family. <3

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Hello world!

hello! as you read on your URL tab, welcome to my own student blog! I’m on my freshmen year now in Bogor Agricultural University. I’m taking Civil and Environmental Engineering as my major :)

so, that’s all I can say now. I’ll try to share everything here! feel free to read, hope it can inspire you somehow 😀



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